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Advanced Marketing and Deal Making
Technology transfer is the business of bringing new technologies to the marketplace. The past decade, the technology market has become a highly competitive environment in a globalized world where innovative technologies are abundant. Effective marketing and Deal making are key to success. In this intensive and highly interactive course we gain insights into the mindset of our industrial partners when it comes to developing new business. Too often, they receive licensing offers from academia which do not meet market needs or are presented in a manner that does not show business value. Identifying and maximizing such value in your technology can help to attract the right partner. The dealmaking process that follows should aim to build trust and commitment between partners. Good communication and exchange of information further contribute to create and negotiate the so much endeavoured win-win deal.

In a series of case studies of workshops, the course will touch on the different stages from technology offering to a signed term sheet, targeting technology professionals with at least two years of experience in technology marketing and/or licensing and will focus on the development of personal skills and insights.


The course is split into three days in which many aspects will be covered; the second day will be entirely devoted to negotiation. Topics include:

Developing a pre-marketing strategy

Finding good markets and strategies

Technology scouting and evaluation in industry

Strategies to find and attract a valuable partner

What is a negotiation and how to prepare for it ?

Trading and value exchange dynamics in a negotiation

Sources of conflict during negotiations

The Term Sheet

Maximizing the value of your technology


The main features of the course are its informal style of presentation and interaction between participants. The sessions are a mixture of seminar-style talks and smaller, break-out groups to discuss and report back on specific case studies. During the feedback sessions the different results of all the groups are discussed and the speaker(s) all of them experienced practitioners - add their own perspective. You get out of the course, what you put into it, so active participation is essential to gain as much information as possible as a delegate. Our aim is to create an informal and pleasant atmosphere during the course, so everyone feels comfortable and gets to know other delegates.

The Course Committee is working hard to finalize it, so please visit our website regularly in order to view the completed program:

Please find the first set-up of the program here.

Localizao Copenhagen, Denmark
Data de Incio do Evento 2008-09-03
Data de Fim do Evento 2008-09-05
Inserido em 2008-06-12
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