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ERMIS 2nd Interregional Workshop in Miskolc, Hungary 16th March 2011
The Vice Mayor of Miskolc, Péter PFLIEGLER, extended a warm welcome to the ERMIS partners opening the 2nd Interregional workshop that took place on the 16th March 2011 in Miskolc, Hungary. Innovation experts from Miskolc University, Zoltan NAGY and Ildiko GYORFFY initiated the meeting by presenting their country's SWOT analysis, an exercise carried out by each of the 9 partner countries. During the workshop, discussions evolved around the activities connected to the analysis of the collected research data, exchange of experiences and the comparisons of good practices from different regions. The following 6 month period will pave the way for the second main phase of the ERMIS project, namely the intensified transfers of experiences and best practices. As a result, a catalogue of best practices will be elaborated by the Hungarian partner, Miskolc Holding where the 20 indentified best practices will be included.
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