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Ciengis collaborates with the University of Coimbra
Ciengis, S.A., a hi-tech company, has established a new research collaboration in the field of Non-linear Predictive Control with the Chemical Engineering Department of the University of Coimbra, starting from September 2011.

The objective of these research activities is to further improve the existent formulations of model predictive control solutions that Ciengis offers on the market.

These products, based on advanced process control and optimization technology, are used to drive industrial plants to maximum profitability and operational efficiency, enabling to forecast industrial process behavior from historical and real-time data analysis, through the use of a descriptive mathematical model of the process, allowing to introduce optimal changes during the production process to obtain outstanding results, such as: energy consumption reduction while maintaining production levels, final product variability minimization increasing quality, waste and raw materials consumption reduction while keeping production at maximum levels, or output maximization while keeping emissions values under legal restrictions.

The cooperation will address the development of more efficient computing strategies and testing through simulation of developed solutions for several medium/large scale chemical processes, allowing to evaluate their implementation viability in real-time. As the result of these improvements, Ciengis will continue offering high added value solutions based on innovative standards to the industry and will increase the solution portfolio.

Fonte: Portugal Global, 06-09-2011
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